Spinada Progress Update- 2

Spinada Cash
1 min readJun 22, 2022


Another Good week for Spinada , the research phase is concluded successfully!

1. A working ZKP arithmetic circuit implementation in Circom language to be used for proof generation with SnarkJs lib on client.

2. Plutus validator for checking ZK proofs on chain. We tested it with an example proof.

Here is update on other components.

  1. Mixer Pool (ADA Pool Contract)
    - Completed Merkle tree (hash tree) for Deposit action.
    Currently adding validator for Withdraw (working on Mixer Pool validation logic).

2. Governance
- Added “Execute Proposal” endpoint and tests for it.
- Created and tested Treasury contract.
- Added Create, Stake and Unstake with Treasury endpoints, simulation and tests for them.

Сurrenlty also working on script size optimization.

3. Demo front-end app
- Completed basic layout for demo.

Currently working on zk proof generating on front-end and integrating Mixer Pool and Governance contracts with front-end.

4. Common tasks
- Currently testing the application in the testnet.



Spinada Cash

First decentralized private transaction protocol for Cardano.